The journey began in Norway
Reime started out as a harpoon factory in 1912 in Norway, and then moved in the early 1950s into extensive production of hot-dip galvanised steel structures for the country’s power supply industry. Reime has produced some 70 per cent of the high voltage transmission towers in Norway. Furthermore, new opportunities appeared in the rapidly growing market for telecommunication systems in this 2,500 kilometre long country with its dispersed population.

Hot and galvanized
Until the mid 1990s, Reime focused mainly on design and production of hot dip galvanized towers and masts for radio link and cellular phones, and some 70 per cent of the volume was eventually exported. Decades of experience with Norwegian landscape and weather conditions gave the company the right foundation to be able to carry out demanding assignments worldwide.

International entrepreneurship
A transformation of the business that started in 1996 has led to a highly internationalized business operation focusing on managerial and entrepreneurial services. By 2002, all steel production was out-sourced to various partners worldwide. Entrepreneurial services are now offered to the telecommunication industry worldwide partly directly from Reime in Norway, partly through a network of fully-owned subsidiaries.
Moving on into the second half of the first decade of this century, Reime Group expanded further by offering its intellectual capital in the form of niche project management skills as well as software packages for monitoring and managing network rollout projects. Reime’s experience makes it evident that a professional management adds significant value for clients.

Joining hands for a vision
In the second half of 2007, Reime became a wholly owned subsidiary of ACME Tele Power Ltd., which is the flagship company of the ACME Group of India and an industry leader in the field of passive infrastructure solutions, offered to the telecom sector.

After the acquisition, Reime became a one-stop shop doing the entire gamut of businesses, from tower supply and erection, installing passive infrastructure to post sales maintenance and servicing of the sites. The solutions offered by Reime thus expanded to include network rollout solutions, enclosure solutions, power management solutions, cooling solutions and network management solutions. With these patented, innovative and energy efficient solutions, Reime brings the value add to its customers by reducing their op-ex with their environment friendly green solutions.