Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Reime has defined the following quality statement:

Its ultimate external quality focus is to meet or exceed its customers’ requirements and expectations in order to develop a long-term entrepreneurial relationship, based on trust and mutual understanding of a successful business partnership. Its ultimate internal quality focus is to meet its external quality focus with the effectiveness necessary to secure the company’s long term financial targets.

This Quality Policy Statement shall act as a policy instrument for the employees of all ranks and contractors in all companies within the Reime Group worldwide. As the customers’ expectations and requirements vary considerably, it is essential that there be flexibility in the overall Reime quality approach. The Group focuses on finding a balance between adapting to local conditions while adhering to global standardization when supplying products and services to its customers.

  • It is the policy of the Reime Group to apply Quality Assurance as the management tool to achieve the required level of quality and safety in all its products and services, and to document that such levels have been attained.
  • The Reime Group management at all levels shall follow the requirements detailed in the QA-system and actively use QA as a tool for improvement and standardization of performance and delivery.
  • As the Reime Group is highly dependent on the satisfactory performance of contractors, all contractors should be contracted to Reime on a performance-based approach.
  • The Reime Group shall be prepared, at any time, to welcome a customer’s inspections.
  • The Reime Group managers shall, whenever possible, align the Group’s performance and competitiveness with the most competent base of suppliers available.

It is the responsibility of each manager that this Policy is distributed, communicated and understood within the organizations and that it is adhered to and reviewed for continued suitability.